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Sharpen your Sales Axe or Work harder?

How important is it for you to improve your Success Ratio and reduce the Sales Cycle-Time?

Do you need to take immediate action to learn better Sales Strategies or stick with old ones?

This sales training and coaching class can show you how to take your selling expertise to the next level. It will help you re-wire your sales approach.

Are you involved in Complex Sales?

Selling Professional and Business Services: Accounting, Consulting, Financial, Insurance, IT, Legal, Marketing, Staffing, etc.

High-dollar sales: Software, Equipment, Real-estate, etc.

If yes, this sales training and coaching class is for you!

“Ravi, is the best in the business. I’ve worked the past 20 years in sales and marketing.

What I have learned in 2 full days has helped me so much I wish I could have gotten to meet Ravi earlier in my career.”


“Due to your help we have improved the quality and quantity of our sales opportunities and are now pursuing millions of dollars worth of new, well-qualified opportunities.”


Transform your Selling

Discover how you act and react in sales situations so you can re-wire your habits and sell better.

Our extensive role-playing exercises serve as a tremendous mirror for you to watch yourself. They help you understand your weaknesses and focus on your strengths.

Personalized Feedback

We keep the class size small so you receive personalized and
specific feedback about your selling approach and style.

Class Content

  1. What are complex sales? How are the rules starkly different from simple sales, and why are they so critical to your success?
  2. Increasing your selling efficiency by learning how to qualify your leads. Improving your networking skills.
  3. Increasing your sales success ratio by learning how to develop the pain, and helping your prospect appreciate it.
  4. Saving time & money by incisively qualifying your opportunities. Are they right for your company?
  5. Eliminating objections by developing solutions to match your client’s needs and getting them excited.
  6. Closing more deals by developing & presenting proposals that hit the mark.

“I have attended many sales courses and seminars, but I REALLY GOT A LOT OUT OF THIS COURSE!!

I was able to learn new information gathering techniques, but also role play with experienced professionals that shared their valuable ideas and experiences.

I highly recommend Ravi’s course.”


“I especially benefited from the variety and depth of role playing we did in the sales process. The net result is this material stuck!

I’ve closed several deals of significant size using this material.

I heard it said you can’t change behavior with a seminar, (“learn to ride a bike”) but I think you can, from the excitement and interest that you developed with this class.”



Two Days (attendees must attend both days)


9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


$2,300 per attendee

Class size

Minimum of Five attendees


On-site or external venue arranged by Cohegic (incurs additional cost of $200/attendee/day)


Additional charges/day (May be used for sales strategy development, sales process design, organization design, performance measurement, and for tailoring the class)

“I attended Ravi’s Sales Coaching course. My needs were to enhance my skills by learning additional/new sales tactics, better prospecting and building more executive relationships.

The small group allowed everyone to participate, brainstorm, discuss the contents of the course and share experiences.

I appreciate Ravi’s process of continuously reviewing the covered material. It allowed me to ‘remember’ his proven successful sales process and imbed the methodology into my existing sales technique.

Thanks Ravi and I look forward to working with you again to continually enhance my sales capabilities!”

— Sandy Chavez , Account Manager , Business Security Solutions

“Ravi’s mind is brilliant. His ideas are profound, yet simple to understand.

He listens intently and guides through his ability to channel your thoughts with your desires. The program is simply fantastic!!!!”


Sales Training and Coaching Brochure

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