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Do You Need an Executive Coach?

What is your strategy to deal with the business challenges and stressful environments?

What is your plan to grow yourself?

Why use an Executive Coach?

A Coach is Your Mirror

“To be a top-notch leader you must
clearly understand
the layers within yourself.”

Leadership is as much about you as it is about others. Great leaders understand themselves clearly. They understand their strength and weaknesses, aspirations and fears. They understand what drives them and what depletes their energy.

Every executive has weaknesses and strengths. Great leaders recognize their weaknesses and find ways to manage them. They understand their strengths and build a sound strategy to leverage those strengths.

Ravi Kathuria has a great gift to connect with people. He has a great sense of intuition and uses that to understand executives and help them discover aspects that they may have never realized. He can guide you on strategy and execution but also read your feelings and emotions in a way you never could.

Ravi helps unravel the underlying drivers that may be pulling an executive in a certain direction and helps them find the right path that is consistent with their deeper values and desires.


“Ravi is an excellent coach who brings out the best in you not only as a professional but also as an individual. He leads you through self-discovery, focuses you on your ultimate goals and enables you to move towards those with a clear vision and determination.”

— Marianna Leybovich, CTO, LenSec

A Coach Helps You Unwind

Unwinding Stress and Anxiety is Crucial.

“We do not realize how devasting chronic stress is to our well-being. We live with it, while like a cancer it eats us from within.”

Stress for a day or two is bad enough, but we carry stress for years and even decades, that stress turns into anxiety and we lose control over the anxiety. We must guard against chronic stress.

The corporate and business world is a stressful environment. We spend most of our time at work. Even when we are with our loved ones, our mind can be consumed by work. Stress undermines our relationships, health and well-being.

An executive coach is like an “electric ground.” You can “ground” all your concerns and vent in confidence. Get things off your mind and chest.

Ravi Kathuria has the skills and abilities to serve as a friend while being a business mentor. He has the gift to help you relax. He is sensitive and empathetic. His book on spirituality is about finding peace and calm in the stress-filled modern world where work, finances, and relationships, can all be quite challenging.


“I’ve been in business for 15 years and met a lot of business coaches during that time that do not come close to Ravi’s abilities. After the first appointment itself I saw more value in Ravi than all previous coaches combined. I can’t say enough good things about Ravi. He’s the ONLY person I refer for business coaching.”

— BJ Farmer, CEO, CITOC Inc.

A Coach Helps You Reach The Next Level

A coach can see the potential in us that we often miss.

“Never come back from battle with bullets in your pocket. Let us achieve all we are capable of achieving.”

As we face our daily problems, we sometimes overlook the incredible capability and potential that lies dormant within us. A coach can guide us, help us bring to life those latent abilities and help us rise to a level that we never thought possible.

A coach can be the ultimate cheer leaders as long as he/she guides honestly and stays consistent with your deeper values and yearnings.

Ravi Kathuria is a business thought leader. He can help you discover opportunities that can provide substantial growth for your business and your career.

Ravi’s business book is the story of a CEO who grows his business and grows personally to become the leader his organization needs and the business demands.

“I very much appreciated your down to earth and no-nonsense style and would be happy to recommend you as a coach that can assist any organization in working better and being more efficient.”

— Omar Kulbrandstad, Chairman & CEO, RigNet (Inc. 500)

“Ravi is a good read of talent, personality, and alignment and can help senior managers understand how to work with our teams in the face of trying business conditions.”

— Shawn Doherty, President, ERM Southwest

Why is our Coaching better?

Both Business and Personal Transformation

Ravi Kathuria’s coaching is not just personal coaching but business coaching. The coaching is focused on the business aspects. It is about making his clients more effective and productive executives.

Ravi helps you put together a plan around the six key facets of business and personal growth that are derived from his highly appreciated Cohegic Method.

Ravi’s coaching is based on his organizational depth and breadth experience. A rich perspective gained as a result of coaching executives at different levels in the organization. A cross-functional perspective gained as a result of coaching executives across different functions in the organization.

Ravi’s coaching is direct and candid. It is laser focused on producing results.

About Ravi Kathuria

Executive Coach, Business and Spiritual Author

A recognized business thought leader, Ravi Kathuria is an expert in helping teams drive clarity and cohesion. Quoted by the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, WorldNews, NPR, and featured on PBS Nightly Business Report, CBS Radio, TEDx, and the BusinessMakers show, Kathuria served as a monthly columnist for SmartBusiness Magazine.

Founder and president of Cohegic, a management consulting, executive coaching and sales coaching firm, he has worked with hundreds of executives across industry sectors, and helped companies crystallize their business DNA; clarify their management philosophies; link their vision, goals and strategies; improve culture, and drive performance.

Ravi Kathuria’s brilliance in understanding people is based on his thirty years of experience but more importantly on his deep intuition. His positivity, disarming style and intuition are immense gifts. They will relax you, but his intense business focus will make sure you make progress where it matters.

Founder of the Houston Strategy Forum, Kathuria has hosted the who’s who of top CEOs and executives. He has facilitated insightful, highly interactive discussions between speakers and the audience. A thought provoking and vivacious speaker, Kathuria has captivated audiences at conferences and corporate meetings with his humor and wit.

Both of Ravi’s books are centered on eye-opening coaching relationships. In his business book, the coach helps a CEO execute a business transformation, but also recognize the importance of a personal transformation. In his spiritual book, the coach helps a CEO deal with a gut-wrenching, personal situation, but in an interesting twist, the coach learns a difficult lesson too.

You could not find a better coach to help you enhance your management and leadership skills.

Call Ravi today to regain control of your business, career, and life.

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