Cohegic Method

Success is directly proportional to
an organization’s clarity and cohesion

Every organization must use a systematic management method to outperform.
The Cohegic Method is the best comprehensive method!

Cohegic Method

If you want to increase your team’s clarity and cohesion, you must follow a well-defined management method.

To raise your business performance you must cohesively connect all the strategic aspects of your company from its mission, vision, strategy, and culture, to its execution.

Transform your company into a Cohesive Company by following the Cohegic MethodTM, which has five facets and an overarching aspect:

  1. Spirit is the core. It defines who we are?
  2. Direction is where we are headed and why?
  3. Engine is the infrastructure we need to successfully accomplish our direction.
  4. Execution is about making consistent and rhythmic progress.
  5. Cohesion, the important fifth facet, keeps all the facets aligned.
  6. Continuous Transformation is about advancing your Direction, Engine and Execution in each cycle of the Cohegic Method.

  1. Spirit

Spirit is the foundation, the DNA of the organization. Spirit articulates why the organization exists and details its business model. It is the unchangeable, non-negotiable aspect of your company.

Many companies fail to crystallize, communicate, and adhere to their spirit, which leads to a corporate identity crisis and subpar performance.

Call Cohegic today to crystallize your organizational spirit.

  2. Direction

Direction specifies where your organization is heading, why, and with what speed. Unlike Spirit, Direction changes as the organization achieves its goals.

Many organizations don’t link their strategies with goals and visions. As a result, the organization flounders and the various teams head in different directions.

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  3. Engine

Engine is the infrastructure needed to execute your strategy.

Without clearly defined work processes, achieving high efficiency and quality will remain a pipe dream. Work process design must enable and enforce strategy execution.

When companies design roles and responsibilities based on internal political considerations and not strategic imperatives, they undermine their ability to perform, and undermine the organizational culture.

Call Cohegic today to learn how to design the best organization structure.

  4. Execution

Execution is about discipline and a sense of urgency.

Managers at all levels in your company must follow-through by inspecting and monitoring key activities and indicators to drive the right performance.

Execution is about delivering the right results, in the most efficient and timely manner, while managing the risks involved.

One of the hallmarks of excellent execution is ensuring a natural rhythm, where the organization self-perpetuates itself and delivers consistently, as opposed to being forced to deliver. The best companies have a rhythm to their execution. Call us to learn more.

  5. Cohesion

Cohesion is the most overlooked facet in companies. You must ensure Spirit, Direction, Engine, and Execution stay in-sync, and the stakeholders (investors, board, customers, management, employees, suppliers, community) remain on the same page as your company transforms continuously. Your company can never stand still.

Every issue you face, and every decision you make falls within one of these five facets. As a leader, you must understand them, understand how they work as a system, and help your organization answer the difficult questions associated with each facet. Answering them will be an eye-opening experience and the new appreciation will form the springboard to go to the next level by becoming a Cohesive Company.

To learn more about the Cohegic Method read the book, How Cohesive is Your Company?

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  6. Continuous Transformation

The Cohegic Method is designed not for static organizations but dynamic organizations that are fighting changing market conditions, dealing with changing customer expectations, and ever changing competitive forces.

If you implement the Cohegic Method for one cycle and then stop, you would not achieve the real benefits. This is a continuous process. In each cycle your organization must go beyond doing more of the same. It must advance its strategy, enhance its engine, and improve its execution. Only then will your organization raise its performance perpetually.

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